What sets us apart

is money

We have the knowledge and experience to understand appropriate timelines for planning, design, construction and sales. We will prepare an overall project program and have the resources to consistently ensure that all relevant stakeholders are achieving milestones and progressing appropriately.

An efficient program is critical to the success of a project and if not properly managed and supervised by an experienced Development Manager, complex property developments can too easily be subject to significant delays and unnecessary cost. We will manage and drive the complete Project Team to ensure that program priorities are understood.

The Bottom

The detailed analysis of the development strategy, to ensure that the most efficient outcome is delivered, is critical to the financial performance of a project. We have the market knowledge to ensure that the end product that will go to market will be in demand and will provide the optimal financial outcome for the project.

The difference between an optimal design and inefficient design is often a significant upside to the project end-value.

We micromanage
(In a good way)

The diligent management of costs starts with an efficient development plan and includes the appropriate management of consultants & contractors to ensure that rates and time spent are efficient for the project, as well as market competitive. We review and oversee all design to ensure that delivery costs are minimised and the developable area will be maximised.

We engage all consultants on competitive fee proposals and scrutinise all project invoices to ensure that the profit is maximised for the project.

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